Friday, January 27, 2017

Mother Nature Doesn't Owe Us a Thing

Mother Nature in Pink, Blue, White and Green. Lac Rose, Senegal
Photo: Shayera Dark
In 2014, Conservation International, an environmental organisation focused on combating climate change, launched the Nature is Speaking Initiative, an admonition from the environment to humans to quit their deleterious activities or face the consequences of their actions.

The second of the seven Nature is Speaking videos released on YouTube featured Mother Nature in the voice of Julia Roberts. In an indifferent tone, she casually reminded humans she has existed for "over four and a half billion years, twenty-two thousand five hundred times longer than you", so doesn't need them to survive. She went on to add, "whether you regard or disregard me doesn't really matter to me [because] one way or the other your actions will determine your fate not mine."

While the campaign carried a weighted urgency, it's hard to say it swayed climate-change deniers--assuming they watched the videos or compelled errant governments to reconsider their climate policies. Read more here.