Friday, November 25, 2016

Americans And The Menace of PC Culture

What Political Correctness is Starting to Look Like
Photo: Creative Commons
The Atlantic recently published a piece I wrote on political correctness in American society and the desire to take offence at inconsequential matters. With Donald Trump's take-no-prisoner style and zero regard for decorum, many wonder if the rise of PC culture is to blame for his win. 
The article is split into two parts. The first briefly addresses Trump's win and what it means for Nigeria; the second focuses on political correctness. 
As a woman, Hillary’s loss was a great disappointment. She came prepared but lost to an egomaniac. I believe Trump’s win only reinforces toxic masculinity and meanness. You can be a straight shooter without being odious.
The day after the election, I did a vox pop [an interview with members of the public] in a cafe in Lagos. Most people were surprised and disappointed that Trump won, but they didn’t think his presidency would affect Nigeria substantially. They had a let’s-wait-and-see view. Read more here.