Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nigeria Decided

Out With the Old.
Photo: UK Telegraph 
Yes, my wish came true. Finally, after PDP’s 16 years at the helm, another party can finally lay claim.

That said, Nigerians should not for one second think that Nigeria has turned over a new leaf, because nothing has really changed. The idea that Nigerians were presented with a choice at the polls is an illusion, since the PDP and APC are birds of the same feather; and the same corrupt politicians that constitute the PDP make up the APC and vice versa. What’s more, Nigerians recycled an old leader from the past, as they did with Obasanjo, by choosing an erstwhile military ruler.

I’m not convinced this change at the presidency will amount to real change for common Nigerians. For instance, how is Buhari going to rid Nigeria of corruption when his party reeks of it? Who are the people that will constitute his cabinet? And will he permit the prosecution of corrupt party members?

In With the... New?
Photo: AFP
The only good news about this change is that Buhari will ascend power knowing his second term in office wouldn’t be guaranteed if he doesn’t pull his weight.

This presidential election has demonstrated that the days of tolerating incompetent presidents are over. And that if Buhari doesn’t shape up in the coming 4 years, Nigerians will ship him out in the next election, as they did Jonathan.