Monday, December 31, 2012

Tabula Rasa

It’s that time of the year when resolutions are being written and rewritten and the air is filled with so much hope and dreams of new beginnings. Yes, it is New Year’s Eve again, and depending on where you are you may have rung in the New Year, so Happy New Year to you!

As it’s the last day of the year, I've been pondering all day what my last blog entry for the year should be, and since I’m not a fan of resolutions, I knew I wasn't going to be writing those down. In my world, there’s no point waiting for a new year to roll around before making a commitment. Plus, I must confess, I never get around to keeping them anyway. So after much thought and self-reflection, I've decided to pen a little note that is part prayer, part advice and part wish.

My wish for 2013 is that we all have an open mind to new experiences and the unconventional, and maybe, just maybe accept that our perceptions or ways of thinking may have been wrong all along. As the saying goes, “minds are like parachutes and only function when they’re open”, so open those minds up and experience life in all its splendor and mysteries.

From the plains of the Serengeti to the peak of the Himalayas, I pray that there will be an end to the ongoing conflicts and brutality exacted by man. In addition, I pray Mother Nature will be kinder to us earthlings in 2013. Enough with the theatrics with the floods and extreme weather please! That being said, I’m pretty certain my prayer fell on deaf ears because we humans are still bent on desecrating Nature. Still, I figured it wouldn't hurt throwing in a plea for mankind.

Let’s all show a little more gratitude and kindness this coming year. Life really is short, so as long as you can still draw a breath thank God. Be grateful for what you have, and remember to show thankful recognition to a friend, the doorman, a neighbor, or family member when they do something nice for you. Again, I repeat, life really is short.

Please learn to forgive yourself. Yes, you committed the unimaginable. Yes, you said the most horrible of things the other day, but who hasn't? You’ll be kinder to yourself and to the world if you accepted that it’s only human to screw up one too many times. So make the necessary restitution and let it go. After all, making a mistake is all part of living life. And still on the subject of forgiveness, let’s drop the grudges we have with one another, shall we? I promise we’ll all be a pound lighter and much happier if we put all that righteous indignation behind us and moved on.

Lastly, it’s my hope that in 2013, we will all strive to accomplish our goals and dreams for our lives or at least be on the path to accomplishing them. Let’s summon the courage to fight the inertia of fear that has long prevented us from being fulfilled in life. Let’s say to Courage, “Here I am.”

Happy 2013!!