Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four More Years for Obama!!!!

I remember four years ago today like it was just yesterday. I was as sick as a dog from eating tainted chicken the night before for dinner and was paying the price. My night vacillated between drifting off to sleep and taking trips to the john. I was weakened by the never-ending episodes of diarrhea and thought I wouldn't make it alive to the next day to witness history in the making.

“What history?” You might ask. “Why does this seemingly unpleasant day stick out so vividly in my mind?” You may wonder. Well, it does, because exactly four years ago today was the day Americans decided Barack Obama, the first African-American Presidential nominee, deserved to be in the White House. It was also around the time I experienced some kind of an awakening to the world of politics – American politics, I should emphasize. I became interested in the actions or lack thereof the US Government in improving the economy and lives of Americans, and the American people’s reactions to subsequent results. However, I must confess it was sometimes annoying and exhausting to watch polarized Americans bicker, shout and complain.
2008: Victorious
Photo Credit: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais 

Fast-forward to 2012 and I still interested in American politics. I watched almost all Republican debates and saw how candidate after candidate fell in and out of favor with their Republican base until Romney was the last man standing.

It's November again and several months since Romney won his party's nomination. Another Presidential election is upon us and I must say I’m just as excited and anxious as I was four years ago. Although, I must say I’m tired of listening to pollsters and talking heads commentate on how tight the race is for Romney and Obama. I’m tired of reading the news on my twitter page, and I’m definitely tired of watching the news on TV, but strangely enough I can’t pull myself away. However, I want the entire circus to end, so things can get back to normal and Obama can finish the work he started.

Yes, I am rooting for Obama like I did four years ago. I’m supporting him for the Healthcare bill he passed. I've never really understood why people with pre-existing conditions could be denied insurance coverage, or why people should be bankrupted from paying medical bills. I'm also supporting him for repealing 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell", for setting a timetable for troops to leave Afghanistan, and for ending America's occupation of Iraq.

Romney on other hand, I just can’t trust as I've seen him morph into 600 different people from the Republican debates through the campaign trail to the Presidential debates with Obama, and it was rather dizzying. At least with Obama, people know where he stands on the issues; the same cannot be said for Romney.

I’m not sure I’d stay awake to watch as the votes are being counted, like I did four years ago, since I have to go to work tomorrow (sigh). But whatever the case, I hope to wake up to the news that Obama won as it would be a crying shame for him to end up as a one-term president. I believe he needs four more years to accomplish most, if not all, of his campaign promises. I believe he needs four more years to finish what he’s already started. Somehow, I wish I could vote, but since I’m not American and therefore can’t, I’ll join the crowd in supporting Obama by shouting: FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS!!!