Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Perfectly Normal to...

Me: Imperfect and Unique
It's perfectly normal to:

Find yourself in the midst of nature.

Find books more interesting than hanging out with people. They're less complicated and a mine of information.

Not understand what the brouhaha is about new gadgets and trends, especially since they all lose their novelty with time.

Measure success in life in other ways besides wealth.

Not understand what the rave is about diamonds and why people pay dearly, in cash and with lives, for something that's a lousy investment and not even rare.

Dislike and feel drained by crowds.

Allow your mind to drift away in the middle of a prayer, long sermon or lecture, and kick yourself for doing so afterwards.

Loathe most of the current movies and music being churned out for being vapid, trifling and nonsensical.

Choose solitude as a way of mastering oneself.

Imagine a world without soldiers and wars.

Wonder what your purpose is on Earth.

Not read Millionaires', "How I made it to the big leagues" self help books. Just because Mr/Mrs Money bags did XYZ doesn't mean the same formula would work for you.

Ponder this question: "If I had a horrible accident that left me paralyzed from the neck down, or burned beyond recognition, would my friends still be my friends?"

Be me.